In celebration of ROGER turning 10 this year and because… tis the season, ROGER hosted it’s second ever Short Stack Film Fest, inviting friends and colleagues to share their non commercial personal projects. ROGER debuted a film that we produced, ALWAYS WITH YOU, that was written and directed by Hugo C Domenech. Other featured films included Jake Portman’s hysterical, ROBOT KING, Geoff Ciccerelli’s SASSTASIA, Ariel Costa’s SINS, Parallel Studios, UNSATISFYING, David Pocill’s BALLS, Steve Peterson’s KING OF THE DRAGON, We’re Still Friend’s comedic short TIME TRAVEL THROUGH TIME, music videos by Thomas Kenney and Theo Jemison and the epic MK12 adventure, MAN OF ACTION: ASHES OF VENGEANCE

Besides the screening there was also an installation featuring video art pieces by Gina Kelly, Ashley Beccera, Mee Jin Hong, Justin May, and Macha Vasilkovsky.

Thanks to everyone who participated, submitted and attended. We’ll see you in another ten years…

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