Check out the features of an authorization and how to check it on the VISA AND IMMIGRATION SITE FOR THE UK. If you need verification yourself, someone else should also verify your identity documents and send us an email here at uCheck to declare that they have seen your identity documents, that they are all valid and understand that it is now their name that is filed against the application. By carrying out checks, employers can defend themselves if it later turns out that one of their employees is working illegally. Her Majesty`s Passport Office has developed a guide that can be used to verify the identification of passports. You may not attempt to change the application form without the candidate`s knowledge and knowledge, as this may invalidate the applicant`s statement and violate data protection legislation. We hope you found interesting the blog on the topic “What documents are needed and the different route options for DBS trials”. The DBS has created a three-step document identification process that indicates the documents to be provided to support your DBS Check application. The types and combinations of valid documents listed below relate to requests for standard criminal record checks and extended criminal records. Route 1 must be exhausted before trying Route 2. Route 3 exists as a last resort.

If you are requesting a DBS exam, you must specify at least 3 types of identifiers. This serves to confirm the correct confirmation of the person. The necessary documents depend on the path taken by the applicant. A basic DBS review looks at a tenant`s criminal history looking for conditional convictions and warnings that are considered “unspent.” If you own a property that you are renting or if you plan to host a tenant, you can request, with the permission of the latter, a DBS control – previously known as CRB-Check – for potential tenants. If the identification test fails, we will contact the applicant to confirm the DBS Route 3 application process, which requires a UK birth certificate plus 1 from Group 2a and 3 documents from Group 2a or 2b, making it 5 documents in total. If this route fails, we need to start the DBS Fingerprinting process to determine the identity. No, unfortunately, you cannot verify your identity yourself or family members. If you are a rental company and want to get a basic disclosure check for tenants, you can still buy one online with personal checks….