2. Details of assistance In many cases, there will be both child support and child welfare assistance, which will be exchanged by the parties. It is important to have details in your divorce agreement that detail these provisions in practice, so that everyone knows what their obligations are. You should include information about what your current income is and what income has been used to calculate the aid. As far as the guarantee is concerned, you must be sure to take into account the amount of debt that is paid each month, the date on which it is paid and the duration of its payment, if it is a temporary obligation. They should also explain the reasons why the support obligation would be lifted, such as death. B of one of the parties or the remarriage of the spouse who receives assistance. If you are currently supported by your spouse, you should take the time to dust off your CV and refresh your skills before you want a divorce. “Find someone who is experienced and competent, but who suits you as well,” says Narris.

“You have the power to set the tone for your divorce. The lawyer should advise you, but also respect your position on how they approach the negotiations.┬áKeep your family and friends close to help you cope with the loss and seek advice if necessary. Emotions in a divorce get you the most out of can only prolong the process and make it more stressful. “A big mistake in divorce, in which everyone can be involved, is spending hundreds or thousands of dollars fighting for something you don`t even want,” Narris said. There is nothing worse than starting a new life with bad credits. During the divorce process, several steps can be taken to minimize the likelihood of this happening. Gifts received from each other during marriage are marital property, subject to divorce. Gifts that were given before your wedding, like z.B. Your engagement ring is a separate property. (Read here the difference between separate and marital property, and remember: separate property may lose its separate ownership status if you mix it with marital property or vice versa. For example, if you rename your condo by adding your husband as a co-owner, or if you deposit your parents` inheritance into a joint bank account, it is very likely that this property will now be considered a marital property.) “Asking your lawyer to write a letter to your ex, whoever gets the $50 table book is kind of absurd,” said Brendan Lyle, former divorce lawyer and CEO of BBL Churchill, a divorce finance company.