NICK Holiday 2019

Nick – Holiday 2019 Sizzle

Nick – Holiday 2019 Stringout


If you build it, they will come. Well that’s exactly what we did- built a secret cabin hidden in the woods for Nick’s 2019 Holiday campaign. Once built, an army of eager kids came to party. Well…sort of anyway, using our full toolbox of skills we combined practical sets shot in live action with CG elements to bring everything to life. As you step inside our cabin make sure you leave your expectations outside in the snow. Within our cabin walls, there are no rules as anything can and will happen. From secret trap doors, gravity-defying snow globes to an undercover gingerbread man posing as Santa, we’ve got em all. In total we created 22 unique story ID’s alongside a graphics toolkit package. Let’s take a peek at our process!


We knew we had a cabin to build. That much was clear. But once inside, we’re somehow still outside, maybe? I still don’t have an answer to that question but I do know that we started with some kick ass concept art to get the ball rolling. We settled on Gingerbread Town, Ice Sculpture Garden, Present Mountain and Christmas Tree World. As you can see below, ideas that began as illustrations were brought to life through a combination of practical set design, CG, matte paintings and lots o’ love.


Just cause we’re inside a Nick cabin doesn’t mean we didn’t need to brand every nook and cranny on the inside. We created over 20 unique Nick logo buttons that ends each ID. From tiny microscopic ice sculptures to larger then life half pipes and everything in between. They all fit wonderfully in our four cabin interior settings.


What is a playground with no play?! We unleashed an army of kids to play within the cabin. We hung kids upside down, had them jumping through attic hatches with parachutes, snowboarded them down half-pipes, threw them through magical tree portals and had them eating a living and breathing undercover gingerbread Santa. SIGN ME UP!