Disney Bundletown Campaign

Welcome to Bundletown!

Campaign, Animation, Branding, Design

Back in 2020, Disney came to us to help promote their new bundled package of streaming services. Our first spot (Rollin') inspired the creation of whole metropolis of entertainment and wonder. Divided into 3 distinct boroughs (Disney+, Hulu, and Espn+) we packed the streets with characters, props, locations and stories. The result? A spot so successful it spawned a multi-year campaign that brought to life a number of Bundletown epics (in their own right).

The Beginnings

Before Bundletown was established, we used subway trains as a way of representing the various streams of content. This idea was born from the packaging of the Bundle marketing campaign. The swirling colorful lines brought to mind (probably intentionally) a subway map, so we filled train cars with beloved characters, and sent them on their way. The result was "Rollin," the launch spot for the bundle, and the big bang for bundletown. 

The Sequel...s

While the first spot was focused on the breadth of content, the new objective was to feature the endless combinations available for each unique home. What does the bundle offer a young married couple? college roommates? a single cat-lady? 7 strangers picked to live in a house? We looked to show how the 3 platforms were coming together to satisfy the wild diversity of entertainment needs for the modern home; creating a magical mash-up of colossal proportions. In our opinion, there’s no better example of something greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts than the richness of collective experience created in a bustling city. We envisioned the bundle as a Zootopia of Disney bundle content, a land of college hoops, blessed fruits, and Gusteau’s soups. A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. If you’re looking for a place with something for anyone and everyone, bring it on down to bundle town.

Creating a World

We started by sketching a cityscape of 3 boroughs, one for each platform. Working with Disney, Hulu, ESPN+ as well as the teams at each individual franchise we packed the city with content references big and small, creating a “where’s waldo” of bundle IP.

We began designing elements of the city, referencing recognizable buildings and structures from the various IP, and creating alternative representations when there wasn't one already. After concepting, models were created and placed in their respective boroughs.

No detail was too small. We set out to fill every corner of the frame with easter eggs for classics and new hits alike. Each new spot added new faces and places to the growing Bundletown community.

With so much action, it's easy to miss the TLC poured into every inch of the city. There's an interior to Bob's Burgers! Carl's house from Up!? It has the exact number of balloons from the film, go ahead, count em!




With the “streaming family” at the heart of the bundle messaging, we thought it only made sense to personalize the spot and bring the viewer right into the action. We created a diverse cast of characters and set them living alongside Bender and Bruce Lee right downtown. Starting with sketches, we built out a group of starring roles for the spot.

The Stories Continue

Each successive spot brought new opportunities to feature new neighborhoods, new characters, new locations. We looked each time for a new unique way to craft the story. We made tourism videos, movie trailers, and hopped a double decker bus. Driven by the metrics of viewer data, the messaging and structure stayed the course, but we found fun ways to bring it to life with each iteration.

"In A World" put Bundletown at the center of an action-packed movie trailer.

"Hop On" takes us on a wild double-decker tour of the city.

Bundletown Extended Universe

The success of the campaign led to extensions beyond the A/V deliverables, so we put together a styleguide and asset library for use on digital and experiential. A Bundletown activation featuring large-scale cutouts of scenes from the town was part of the yearly "Streaming Day" event.