Bobcat 2024 Campaign

One Tough Animal


Bobcat, the prominent compact equipment manufacturer, approached us with a creative challenge: to develop a dynamic campaign for 2024 and beyond that illustrates the essence of the Bobcat brand. Our mission was to capture what Bobcat signifies to its diverse and loyal community—a catalyst that empowers customers to achieve their goals. We embraced the concept that Bobcat Equipment is not just a tool. It’s MORE THAN A MACHINE; it’s a GAME CHANGER.

The Thrill

More Than a Machine

Leveraging this powerful idea, we concepted and executed a multi-pronged campaign that included on-air spots, digital, social and paid media extensions. To kick it all of we made an Anthem and a set of 1st Tier spots that highlighted The Will, The Thrill and The Experience of being part of the Bobcat Community. Each spot features unique vignettes paired with a custom music, sound design and stylized editorial. All narrated by Brand Ambassador, Josh Duhamel.

The Will

The Experience

Digging Deeper


In addition we included 2nd Tier spots that focused on how individuals use Bobcat Equipment as a means to achieve their goals. Whether it is to build a Homestead, grow a Business or Non-Profit Community Betterment. 





Capturing The Moment


We also captured a series of high-quality still images, now a key part of the Bobcat Library. These versatile assets are being used in various marketing contexts, enhancing Bobcat's digital and print materials with vivid, engaging visuals.



Getting Digital


Using additionally shot interview footage and still assets we executed several other extentions of the More Than A Machine Campaign through Paid Media and Social outlets. With the help of our digital agency Loud N Clear we crafted additional content that let us dive deeper into the stories of the individuals and the features of the machines. That's a Win Win.

Getting Dirty


We got our hands, feet and everything inbetween plenty dirty filming this campaign in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Richmond, Denver and Utah over several months. We've reached out and discovered real people doing the work and getting their goals accomplished with a game changing boost from Bobcat Equipment. For some added drama we staged some intense vignettes that included making our own thunderstorms and Winterfests!



Final Thought


We embarked on an 11-day journey across 7 diverse cities, spanning 16 flights and accommodations in 18 unique hotels. Indulging shamelessly in barbecue delights along the way.

Our crews boast an average of 44% female representation, with 38% identifying as BiPOC. Notably, we've featured more female than male on-camera talent proficiently operating Bobcat equipment—all made possible through the unwavering support of Bobcat. We are very proud to have such great creative partners.