Microsoft Event Brand 2023

Microsoft Events 2023

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There was a seismic shift in live events during the course of the pandemic, and its lasting impact on the world is still evident today. When Microsoft approached us to assist in branding all of their events for 2023, the nature of these events was uncertain – whether they would be exclusively online, hybrid, or return to fully live settings. It presented a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive branding system that could adapt to all possibilities as we approached 2023. 

We initiate our comprehensive design process by reflecting on both the past and the future. Microsoft stands as one of the most recognizable names and brands globally. Given its extensive brand history, the challenge lies in further evolving and elevating it to new heights. Microsoft provided us with an insightful and detailed brief that outlined the fundamental principles and the direction the company is taking. Every element we were tasked with creating had to align with the three core creative principles: Human, Vibrant, Dimensional.


Our brand is alive with emotion. It lives and breathes and draws you in-creating a sense of closeness and connection. 

We crafted a visual identity rooted in dynamic shapes and objects, imbued with a palpable sense of vitality. These elements are designed to be responsive and adaptable, ready to transform through interaction and connection, breathing life into our brand.


Our brand is active and impactful. We radiate positivity - sparking a feeling of passion, purpose and momentum around the globe. 

Our carefully curated color palette, shaders, and patterns are meticulously designed to harness the entire spectrum of color and materiality, ensuring that every element leaps off the screen, whether experienced in person at an event or viewed through your phone or monitor.


Our brand is rich and layered. We illuminate hope and potential with depth and perspective - inspiring inventive new ways of looking at the world. 

Whether retracting or propelling forward, our identity consistently evokes a sense of dimensionality. There is perpetually an unexplored depth, waiting to be discovered around each corner or revealed by peeling back the curtain. Integrating this concept with our vibrant palette and emphasis on human connection, we forge a visual identity that radiates a comprehensive spectrum of emotional resonance.


After establishing the fundamental elements of our visual identity, we began crafting a diverse array of themes, each narrating a distinctive story that aligns with our core brand principles. These themes were designed to be versatile, capable of either amplifying a singular event or being adapted as toolkits to seamlessly extend across multiple events within a specific theme. This comprehensive approach resulted in a dynamic collection of visual aesthetics, spanning the digital and in-person realms, encompassing animations, large-format screens, badges, signage, and everything in between. Our first set of themes were crafted for two technical minded events - Microsoft Build and Ignite. 



If you Build it...

We provided the team at Microsoft several large format layered satics of each theme to build from. This gave the team an aresnal of assets to brand each event with it's own unique look that still falls under our entire design ecosystem. 

Build Anthem 

To launch the 2023 events, we crafted a short film aimed at generating anticipation for Microsoft Build. Our video highlights the diverse avenues through which one can engage with Build—whether from the comfort of home through digital platforms, in a live interactive online setting, or in person at the physical event. The essence of Build lies in its inclusive nature, allowing individuals to connect seamlessly, whether side by side or across the global community.

Microsoft Build 

At the live event, we showcased our package on the grand stage of a spacious auditorium featuring five large main screens. To kick off the show, we captivated the audience with a dramatic heartbeat moment, setting the tone for what was to unfold.

View the Event Website here:
Microsoft Build
Microsoft Ignite

View the Full Event Keynotes here:
Microsoft Build
Microsoft Ignite

Inspire a revolution

Our secondary set of themes embraced a refined color palette punctuated by lively bursts of color and material richness. Tailored for internal, commercial, partner, and industry events, these themes maintained a connection to our core brand principles while catering specifically to audiences at events like Microsoft Inspire and Envision.



Inspiring Design 

Once more, we provided the internal team at Microsoft with a toolkit comprising animations and large-format statics. They successfully deployed a comprehensive suite of digital and print assets, effectively generating anticipation for numerous upcoming events. Here is a selection of branded design elements from the team's rollout.

Microsoft Inspire 

Check out how the branding all came together on the Inspire website and keynote. 

Microsoft Inspire Website 
Microsoft Inspire Keynote 

Let's Celebrate!

In addition to hosting consumer-facing events, Microsoft organizes an annual internal awards ceremony in Las Vegas for its extensive team. For this prestigious occasion, we set the stage by dimming the lights and crafting a sophisticated, dark-themed awards show package that incorporated design elements from our portfolio. The event took place in person, featuring an impressive 11,000-square-foot curved screen and dynamic live hosts from Microsoft. Here's a glimpse of the redesigned elements we implemented to enhance the presentation of award categories throughout the event.

Save the Date

Concluding the year of events, we curated a bespoke package for the Microsoft Fall Beat—an engaging consumer-oriented gathering showcasing cutting-edge hardware alongside significant software advancements. The focal point of this event was the unveiling of Microsoft Co-Pilot, a revolutionary AI-based software suite propelling us into the era of AI enlightenment. Our first piece of content was the save the date video that was globally released to announce the event. The save the date teased the overall look and branding of the event as seen in the opening video here. 

You can view the full live event recording here: Microsoft Fall Event