Disney Feels Like Home


In a Galaxy Far, Far Away....

Okay, perhaps it was on Earth, and it was indeed 2022, but it was truly epic! We had the privilege of bringing the "Feels Like Home" campaign to life in collaboration with our friends at Disney+. Unfolding through three interconnected stories, narrated from a different character's point of view, we traverse the unique life journey of each. The first story begins with our young protagonist boy. Through his eyes, we are transported back to the early 1980s theaters for the Return of the Jedi. Meticulously crafting each time period through casting, Easter eggs, wardrobe, locations, and props, we traverse the decades through both small and big moments. Eventually through a chance encounter, we witness him come face to face with his future wife. From that moment onward, we observe the blossoming relationship of the couple, culminating in the start of their own family. The journey comes full circle as our family gathers to watch the latest episode of "The Mandalorian" together in their home. 

Heres what adweek had to say: 
Feels Like Home Live-Action Campaign

Moments That Last Forever 

In our second spot , we transport ourselves back in time once more, shifting perspectives to narrate the wifes origin story. It all begins with a well-worn Beauty and the Beast VHS tape. Amidst the stacks of VHS tapes, the influence of Disney persists, marking various milestones in her life—a father-daughter dance at a Belle-themed birthday party, Halloween celebrations with her best friends. The story takes us back to that fateful encounter at the Phantom Menace premiere, this time as it unfolded for her. Later in life, she continues the tradition, passing along her fondness for all things Disney to their very own child. Our second spot concludes with the entire family gathering to watch the latest iteation of The Lion King. 

Growing Together

The concluding segment in the trilogy once again shifts the perspective, this time to the couple's young child. We see her imagination flourishing alongside Pixar classics like the original Toy Story. Her fondness for the characters accompanies her on numerous adventures as she matures into a young teenager. She shares her father's love for Star Wars, often evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia in him, and looks up to her mothers passion for amazing stories. This shared love consistently reinforces her bonds with family and friends, enriching her life through both significant and everyday moments. Our final spot concludes as she gathers with a friend and dad to catch Pixars latest offering Turning Red.

Yes, we had fun making this.