Age of Empires Launch Campaign

"Shall we play a game?"

Campaign, Editorial, Animation, Live-Action

Working with our friends from GNET, we developed and executed the trailer for the wildly popular Age Of Empires IV. We combined live action that seamlessly transitioned into a massive scale battlefield where detailed CG figurines, dynamic camera movements and atmospheric effects bring the battle to life. Due to a shortened schedule we avoided massive amounts of character animation and instead used our talents creating ultra realistic miniature dioramas of intense battle action. Hoorah!


We made CG miniatures based on the characters, places, and war machines in the game.

Adding Emotion

We placed them into battle, frozen in mid action and reflecting the emotional turmoil of the soldiers.

Setting the Mood


We spiced it all up with animated lighting and atmosphere effects.

Putting It All Together


Here's a look at how we created this seemles transition from our Live Action to CG Battlefield.

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our shoot with GNet