This is the most important part of the Constitution, so make sure everyone is on the same side. 1. Prepare time to meet your club or the people you start the Stokvel with. This Constitution was conceived and published by the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) as a set of fundamental principles that govern a Stokvel or a community-based deposit collection organization. Together, these principles define the premise of the Stokvel Group. This document is a series of guidelines that a Stokvel group can use to establish its own constitution. I guarantee that the information contained in this mandate form, on the Constitution and with my FICA documents posted on the StokFella platform (identification copy and proof of residence) is correct. This is an investment Stokvel whose sole mandate is to buy assets in the campaigns of funds. The proceeds of these assets are used to form a cooperative bank in black possession at the end of a 5-year period. • In the event of closure of the Stokvel, all additional funds and assets of the Stokvel are distributed among the members according to the contributory value of each member to the Stokvel. • Liability and debt are equally distributed among the Stokvel according to the contributory value of each member if these debts are contracted by the Stokvel. • After the closure of the Stokvel, StokFella will take this as the final instruction to close the Quick Access account on the 3PIM ETF system on behalf of the stokvel group.

I, Mzukile Soni, id or passport number 780510******5 in my capacity as President of The People`s Stokvel and, as ordered by the members of the group, stokFella, power and mighty, to open a quick access account on the 3PIM ETF system on behalf of the Stokvel Group. If you have statutes, a more flexible document that describes the day-to-day operation of your club, your constitution should also contain rules for amending the statutes. • If a member does not comply with the rules set by this Constitution, he is withdrawn from the Stokvel and the benefits are paid after 5 years since the creation of the group. By continuing to contribute to the Stokvel, you accept this Constitution. Try to find a time when all or most of the club members can meet. At this meeting, you should discuss the various elements that are addressed in your by-law, including the name, mission, membership requirements, and officers of your club. For example, you should include rules about the frequency of meetings in your statuses, but not about the time or place of the meeting. These things will likely change based on members` schedules and the availability of disk space.

You can also add some information about the consultation procedures in your statutes. Think about how decisions are made. If you wish to make decisions by vote, please briefly describe the voting criteria. President whose functions are: • the management and preparation of the agenda of meetings. • Make sure the rules are followed. • Authorize the withdrawal of money with another executive member based on the mandate of the Stokvel. • Discover the possibilities that would enrich the Stokvel and its members. Full Name: Mzuzukile Last Name: Soni ID or Passport Number: 780510*****5 • There are no monthly meetings for this Stokvel. • A general meeting is convened by the Stokvel Board of Directors if the Stokvel can afford it….