The investment holding company EMMA was created in 2012 on the initiative of Jiří Šmejc. At that time, Jiří Šmejc owned 5% of petr Kellner`s PPF group and had just agreed on a distribution of the assets they jointly held. In compensation for his stake in the PPF Group, Jiří Šmejc increased his stake in Home Credit Group and became its CEO by mutual agreement. He then joined the Chairman of the Executive Board of Home Credit Group in 2018, where he was responsible for the group`s strategic development. Ms DeSouza had argued that the Home Office was unaware of the unique status granted to Northern Irish citizens by the agreement and said she was pleased that the amendments came into force. If you have any questions regarding the Partnership Relationship, contact us at This Services Agreement (the “Agreement”, as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement) is a legal agreement between you (“Customer”, “you”, “you”) and Emma, Inc. (“Emma” or “Company”) (a “Party” and, together, the “Parties”) and sets out the Terms, under which you may use the Services (as defined below). Our case has been described as the first human rights case of the Good Friday Agreement. It is seen as a test of the constitutional nature of the agreement itself – nothing we could have imagined when, for the first time, we appealed a decision of the Ministry of the Interior to reject my husband`s application for an EEA (European Economic Area) residence card. The agreement stated that the British and Irish Governments would recognise the right of all inhabitants of Northern Ireland to recognise and be accepted as Irish or British or both, as they wish, and therefore confirm that their right to both British and Irish nationality is accepted by both governments and that it would not be affected by a future change in the status of Northern Ireland.” Home Credit Group – the world`s largest point-of-sale lender for consumer finance – has a special place in EMMA`s portfolio.

Under an agreement with Home Credit`s majority owner, the PPF Group, EMMA is responsible for the operational management and results of Home Credit. The Home Credit Group also includes Air Bank, an innovative Czech retail bank. EMMA`s share in the Home Credit Group is 8.88%. The first part is the basement and the second part is the “Going Public” with the products in the target audience. Emma reached more than 3 million visitors in 2017 at nearly 400 events around the world. The homepage is nearly a million clicks per month and continues to grow. About 4000 copies of the competition records are sold each year….