DISNEY+ Bundle Town


To follow-up the Disney Bundle launch spot, “Rolling,” D+ brought us back for another outside-the-box take on marketing their sprawling content offering. How do we represent the bundle abstractly, build on the launch spot, and (of course) dial it up to 11? While the first spot was focused on the breadth of content, the new objective was to feature the endless combinations available for each unique home. What does the bundle offer a young married couple? college roommates? a single cat-lady? 7 strangers picked to live in a house? We looked to show how the 3 platforms were coming together to satisfy the wild diversity of entertainment needs for the modern home; creating a magical mash-up of colossal proportions. In our opinion, there’s no better example of something greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts than the richness of collective experience created in a bustling city. We envisioned the bundle as a Zootopia of Disney bundle content, a land of college hoops, blessed fruits, and Gusteau’s soups. A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. If you’re looking for a place with something for anyone and everyone, bring it on down to bundle town.

We started by sketching a cityscape of 3 boroughs, one for each platform. Working with Disney, Hulu, ESPN+ as well as the teams at each individual franchise we packed the city with content references big and small, creating a “where’s waldo” of bundle IP.

Live action references, like the house from “Little Fires Everywhere,” were stylized to create a more fantastical landscape.

To fold-in already-stylized IPs into our Bundle Town world, we made more subtle changes, such as the overall scale of the Buy ‘N Large gas station from Pixar’s “Wall-E.”

No opportunities were missed for storytelling detail. At the center of it all, a custom Mickey statue graces the fountain in the town square.

With the “streaming family” at the heart of the bundle messaging, we thought it only made sense to personalize the spot and bring the viewer right into the action. We created a diverse cast of characters and set them living alongside Bender and Bruce Lee right downtown. Starting with sketches, we built out a group of starring roles for the spot.

Using those models as a base, the city streets are populated an endlessly diverse cast of modular extras.

series of stock animations were created and applied to the extras populating the town, while custom-animated vignettes unfolded in every room.

In order to make the 3 brands easily distinguishable and bring order to the chaos, each room was decorated and painted using brand colors.

The icing on the cake is a series of magic moments, where the viewers are brought even further into each cinematic or TV universe. From baby Yoda using the force, to space ship crash-landings, our characters aren’t just watching the bundle, they’re living it.

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