DISNEY+ Rollin’


Disney+ came to Roger to help launch their new bundled offering with Hulu and ESPN+. Each of these 3 on their own offers a lifetime of options. But together…? From Little Mermaid to UFC and everything in between, how could we  embody this marvelous medley of entertainment wonder? We had to cover a lot of ground and Disney+ wanted to do it… differently. Departing from the obvious clip spot, we sought to bring some magic and fun to the campaign, representing the new bundle in a more abstract way. We looked for a neutral space where this endlessly diverse cast of characters and stories could coexist, something they (and we) could all have in common. At some point we imagined a bunch of storm troopers sipping coffee and reading the paper on their way to work, and well… a concept was born.

As it turns out, storm troopers don’t take the subway, so… LucasFilm had some notes… but we were off and running. We landed on a fast-paced “let me tell you about my boat” approach, re-envisioning the streams of content as lines of train cars on their way to viewers’ homes; allowing us to dip in and out of them (or soak them in all in at once) all while referencing the familiar graphic language of a streaming platform UI.

Once we were all aboard (sorry) with the concept, we quickly got to work, creating mini worlds; all made to fit in their respective train car, and all rich with life. We used boardomatics to visualize the flow, and keep the production on track (not sorry) while refining the final list of IPs to feature in the spot. 

The devil is in the details… and there were A LOT of them. Despite the overwhelming list of assets to build, we missed no opportunity to express the richness of any one story.